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New car lanes to ease La Guardia congestion

Drivers bound for La Guardia Airport in New York are about to get relief from one traffic headache: the three automobile lanes that barely inch past the upper departure level at the main building are to become six lanes by July 4. The manager of the airport, George L. Peirce, said that on bad days, traffic has moved as slowly as six vehicles a minute in this drop-off area. One limousine with a rear fender sticking out can cause everything to stop, as anyone who has tried to get to the curb knows. Peirce said that with six lanes and two covered sidewalks for drop-offs, the figure might become 20 vehicles a minute.

Passengers who are dropped off on the additional sidewalk, on the median, will have three pedestrian crossings, all with traffic lights, to use to get into the terminal building. Barriers will keep people from crossing elsewhere.

Paving of the roadways is complete, and the canopy to protect the outer sidewalk is being finished.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is also warming up on a new project to ease traffic at Newark Airport: a monorail system to link terminal buildings and distant parking lots. A contract for foundations for columns and for monorail stations was awarded last month. The system, which will eliminate the buses and jitneys that take travelers among terminals and parking lots, is scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year.