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Published Oct. 13, 2005

Motor Sports Enterprises Inc./St. Petersburg Grand Prix, 12000 28th St. N, St. Petersburg. Debts, $909,009.93. Property, $54,053.42. (91-5133). Scott Anthony Thinnes and Rebecca Lynn, doing business as R&S Concrete Specialists, 717 Laurel Ave., Venice. Debts, $44,197.79. Property, $7,679. (91-5181)

William Curtis Wolbert, doing business as Curt's Body Shop/Wolbert's Wholesale CuDa Enterprises, 630-C Cypress Ave., Venice. Debts, $41,096.93. Property, $2,022. (91-5280)

Consolidated Packaging Corp., 4190 Belfort Road, No. 222, Jacksonville. Debts and property not totaled. (91-5141).

Saad's Brothers Inc. Park Avenue, 5701 E Hillsborough Ave., No. 1455, Tampa. Debts, $190,813.99. Property, $25,400. (91-5250).

Linda J. Talbot, doing business as Talbot & Associates, 1512 Betty Lane Court, Clearwater. Debts, $168,619.19. Property, $6,080. (91-5346).

Robin Alan Wilkie and Deborah Lynn, doing business as D&R Mechanical/Welders and Fabricators, 3766 39th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. Debts, $126,237.82. Property, $895. (91-5358).

Peter E. Shaluly and Minna C. Shaluly, doing business as Carolina Store and Restaurant, 5130 Foxbridge Circle, No. 87, Clearwater. Debts, $43,446. Property, $9,833. (91-5325).

HLJ Day Care Inc./Muppet Center, 309 Pinellas Ave. N., Tarpon Springs. Debts and property not totaled. (91-5296).

Rodger Resmondo and Maria Resmondo, doing business as Rodger Resmondo Painting, 1302 E Lemon St., Tarpon Springs. Debts, $88,744.62. Property, $92,150. (91-5259).



West Florida Communities Inc., P.O. Box 7626, Winter Haven. Debts and property not totaled. (91-5220).

SJA Management Inc., 4102 W Cypress St., Tampa. Debts, $495,494. Property, $634.288. (91-5118).

Richey Precision Mold Inc., 6089 Johns Road, No. 4, Tampa. Debts, $84,000. Property, none. (91-5138).

E&R Tire Inc./All Tire and Wheel Co., 7926 Congress St., Port Richey. Debts, $110,036. Property, $94,506. (91-5143).

Leitner Electric Co. Inc., 12701 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers. Debts, $234,951.66. Property, $361,659.23. (91-5286).

H&H Welding & Maintenance Inc., 12855 Daniel Drive, Clearwater. Debts, $98,329.70. Property, $112,646.33. (91-5174).

Topsiders Inc./Hemingway's/Burgee's, 3058 Eagles Landing Circle W, Clearwater. Debts and property not totaled. (91-5323).



Michael Ray Green, doing business as Mike Green's Computer, 14465 Walsingham Road, No. 6, Largo. Debts, $14,900. Property, $5,615. (91-5285).

- The listed businesses or individuals have filed bankruptcy petitions in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa. Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Chapter 7 filings are for companies whose assets are being liquidated to pay creditors, and for individuals whose debts are being discharged; Chapter 11 is for companies seeking to reorganize while under bankruptcy court protection from creditors; and Chapter 13 is for individuals who are working out a repayment of debts while protected against creditors.