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These wedding creations take the cake

June is here, so Connoisseur magazine _ which always concerns itself with the creme de la creme anglaise _ has turned its attention to the fanciest wedding cakes in the country. Three top stylists: Betty Van Norstrand of Elmsford, N.Y., is especially renowned for being able to decorate the wedding cake with handmade edible "lace" that matches the lace on the bride's gown.

Sylvia Weinstock of Manhattan is known for her ability to create a garden of edible flowers. A typical 90-yolk cake is topped with lilies, irises, roses, tulips, cymbidium, orchids, amaryllises and freesias.

Ida Mae's Cakes of Distinction is in Dallas, where everything is bigger. According to local newspaper accounts of a recent wedding, "The floor-to-ceiling cake was constructed around a maypole and surrounded by 14 smaller satellite cakes, each suspended by invisible wires at different levels, to look as if they had been strung up by ribbons."

Another creation consisted of "14 cakes shaped like lily pads, sitting on a 10-foot mirrored table. They were surrounded by frogs, dragonflies, water lilies and flowers made out of sugar. Life-size sugar swans with intertwined necks rounded out the scene."