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Day-care center placement decided

A dispute between neighbors and church officials about the placement of a day-care center at Countryside Chapel has been resolved, both sides told commissioners at a meeting Monday night. Pastor Douglas Poole had asked to open a day-care center at the church at 2180 McMullen-Booth Road that would serve 22 children. Some residents of Cypress Trace North condominiums, irked at the church's mobile home and playground next door, had objected to the plan. Nearly 30 of them signed petitions to the city complaining about it.

Poole told commissioners that he met with some of the residents last month and agreed to move the playground to the northwest corner of the property, about 300 feet from the condominiums.

He also said he would install shrubs or find another way to reinforce the barrier between the mobile home and the condominiums. A fence is there now.

Fred Crivello, whose condominium abuts the church property, said during the meeting that he was pleased with Poole's suggestions.

"There was a lot we had to get through to get to this point," he said.

Commissioners granted Poole's request to open the day-care center. The school must comply with state and county licensing requirements.

Poole said the day-care center is needed because the church is growing. Ten years ago, it had 30 members. Now it has more than 300.

Its first building on McMullen-Booth road was the front of a former horse stable. An addition was built in 1984, and a separate building was constructed in 1990.

In 1987, Countryside Chapel installed the mobile home and playground to teach the congregation's children.