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Does she or doesn't she? Only her surgeon knows

Elizabeth Taylor's new perfume, White Diamonds, is about to hit the market, and for months, she's been getting ready to meet her public. This means trimming down; it may mean tucking up, too. According to the New York Post, Taylor had Santa Monica surgeon Steven Hoefflin _ a master carver who is said to have applied his chisels, needle and vacuum cleaner to Ivana Trump and Michael Jackson _ lift Taylor's face and suck the fat out of her hips and knees. Although Taylor has been reported a beneficiary of plastic surgery before, she has always denied it. "I get so sick of people asking" about surgery, she said in 1988, when her new diet book told women they might achieve eternal beauty through caloric vigilance. Chen Sam, Taylor's faithful retainer, maintained the tradition."She's been on a diet for many months,"

she told the Post. "She hasn't had anything done."

Oh Queen, over here!

The next time Queen Elizabeth comes to visit, you can forget about trying to attract her attention with that big foam No. 1 finger. She's got loftier things in mind, although just what they are escaped most of the bystanders who lined Washington streets recently in hopes of catching Her Majesty's eye. Duncan Spencer of the Washington weekly Roll Call reports on a variety of methods: Vesta Crosby, a Washington woman waving a tiny Union Jack, received "a glance and a tiny wave. Triumph." A variety of women in large hats, "typically featuring tulle and straw," were ignored. Imitation is not the highest form of royal flattery. One congressional aide took his family and his corgi to the Folger Theater, where they stood on the steps waiting for the queen's motorcade to make a scheduled stop. When Her Majesty got out of the car, "he thrust himself against the restraining rope and bellowed "Corgi!' loud enough that the Secret Service men flashed their Ray Bans angrily his way. The queen's calmly moving head checked infinitesimally, but her eyes kept straight on." The corgi paid the queen no mind, either.

She's shaken her booties

Demi Moore has abandoned the notion that her three Yorkshire terriers must wear leather boots to prevent their paws from getting wet in the rain, says the New York Post. Moore's publicist said the actress had sewn the 12 little slippers by herself. The dogs, however, were determined to bite the boots off, and Moore's husband, Bruce Willis, finally had to throw them away.

An admission about Teddy

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch told the Boston Herald last week that his friend Ted Kennedy had admitted to him that he probably drinks too much. "I said, "It's time to change,'

" Hatch told the newspaper. "He said, "I know.' He knew I was right." Hatch is a conservative Republican, Kennedy a liberal Democrat. As members of the Labor and Human Resources and Judiciary Committees, they have managed to push successfully for legislation on a variety of social issues. Hatch's aide, Paul Smith, didn't deny the comments after they appeared, but said that they had been made lightly in the middle of an interview, and that the story had become "overblown." Kennedy's assistant, Paul Donovan, declined to comment, said the Washington Post.

He said it

"I would like to find some project, some play, some character to be. But I am not going to play old men on the screen. I am not going to play doctors and lawyers and expositional characters. I don't want to become an older statesman _ I want to end up with the girl all the time."

_ Tony Curtis, 66, in Interview magazine.

_ LEAH GARCHIK, San Francisco Chronicle