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Mauled man gives puppy to couple

The puppy that mauled its paraplegic owner's foot without him realizing it got a new home over the weekend. The puppy's former owner, Noland Britt, had been thinking about taking Misty back home after her 10-day quarantine despite an injury so serious he had to have his foot amputated last month.

But he realized he would always wonder whether the labrador would attack again, so he gave the puppy to Tampa residents Bob and Debbie Spivey.

While Misty was under quarantine, "everyone and their mother called me and told me I had a good heart for not killing the dog," said Britt, who said he received about 100 calls from people wanting to adopt the dog.

One man, who wanted the dog for his grandson, was crying when he called and offered $75,000 for the dog.

"It touched me," Britt said. "It wasn't a question of money. It was embarrassing to me. I just said "no thank you.' "

On Saturday, Britt's wife, Mary, had to go to the animal shelter and adopt Misty before the dog could be given away. The Britt family had found it as a stray.

The Spiveys met Mary Britt at the shelter to sign the papers and take the dog home. The Spiveys paid the $50 adoption fee.

Britt said he decided to give the dog to the Spiveys because they are Christians, had just married and sounded pleasant on the phone.

"I just wanted the dog to have a good home," Britt said. "I think they will give it one."