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T-ball team causing double takes

Double Trouble, a T-ball team featuring five sets of twin girls, may not win a championship, but will no doubt lead the league in photo opportunities. "We haven't had a game yet where we haven't had our picture taken before the game for one thing or another," coach Jim McGlynn said.

McGlynn, the father of twin girls, came up with the idea last fall with a friend who had twin girls the same age. They learned there were several other families with twins in their small town of Mustang.

That was the start of Double Trouble, a team of 5- and 6-year-old girls who play in the Mustang Youth Council. The team has 13 players, including five sets of identical twins. There originally were six sets, but one family moved before the start of practice this spring.

Each twin wears the opposite number of her sister. The three "singles" wear double numbers _ 11, 22 and 33.

"Mustang's a town of about 10,000," McGlynn said. "To find this many twins the same age, and all identical girls, is incredible."