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Worthy reinjures his sprained left ankle

Lakers forward James Worthy reinjured his sprained left ankle when he landed the wrong way after scoring a basket in the fourth quarter in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. He remained in Sunday's game, but his limp worsened and his quickness was further limited.

Worthy, however, outscored Chicago small forward Scottie Pippen 22-19 in the Lakers' 93-91 victory.

Worthy suffered the sprain last Tuesday in the Western Conference finals.

He has changed his playing style to compensate for the injury.

"I'm not catching and going like I usually do," Worthy said. "It's taken away the spontaneous stuff. I've gone to Plan B. Instead of catching and going, I catch, read the defense and then decide. I'm thinking more."

Worthy is expected to start in Game 2 Wednesday night.

Magic: This team did something special

In the Lakers' four title-winning finals series in the 1980s, they won the first game two times. The Lakers have won their first game on the road in each of their 1991 playoff series.

"Being in the finals is a little more special than in past years," Lakers guard Magic Johnson said, "because it's a few different guys, like no Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) or Michael Cooper, and a different coach I think that says a lot about this organization. That we can make it back to the finals despite losing some key people. No one thought we would get here this year, which also makes it more special."

Phil Jackson changes lifestyle

Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson, the former maverick as a player with the New York Knicks, said the years have mellowed his former night-owl lifestyle.

"I went to bed at 11:30 Sunday night, got up at six (in the morning). It was the other way around when I was playing," Jackson said with a smile.

NBA playoff pool increases 33 percent

The NBA playoff pool for 1991 has been raised to $3.2-million from $2.4-million, an increase of 33 percent.

If the Lakers win, they would divide $810,625 and the Bulls $648,125. If the Bulls win, they would divide $828,125 and the Lakers $630,000.

The Bulls would receive more for winning the title because they had the best record in their conference.

NBC makes the move to prime time

NBC and the NBA have switched Game 4 and Game 7 from 3:30 to 7 p.m. EDT. Both games are on Sundays.

The move could result in six prime-time games if the series goes seven games. There originally had been the potential for four prime-time games.

Jordan enjoys

the excitement

Chicago guard Michael Jordan is feeling the excitement of playing in the finals.

"The hype is fun. I haven't felt this since the Olympics and the NCAA Championship.

"(But) we have to look at the positives despite all the media and realize that the media can't play the game that's up to us."