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Bra upholds tribute to Mozart

A Japanese lingerie firm seeking a fitting way to mark Mozart's bicentennial year has come up with a musical bra. "When you hook it up, it plays about 20 seconds of a Mozart variation," a spokeswoman for Triumph International Japan said Tuesday.

The front-fastening brassiere contains the sort of minute memory chip used in musical greeting cards, Triumph said. A tiny speaker is fastened under the armpit.

The bra, in indigo blue with a musical staff motif repeated on matching panties, is studded with tiny lights that flash when the music plays.

There is only one drawback for the fashion-conscious lover of the great Austrian composer, who died 200 years ago this year.

"Since it involves electronic devices, it's no good for regular use," the Triumph spokeswoman said. "It can't be washed."

Because of this, Triumph has made only five of the bras, which they intend to give away at a Tokyo trade show this week, she said. "There will be a draw if too many people apply."