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Mariners' Woodward gets contract extension

The Seattle Mariners will extend the contract of Woody Woodward, the club's vice president of baseball operations, through the 1994 season, the team's owner said Tuesday. "Our main goal is to make the Seattle Mariners a first-class organization," Seattle owner Jeff Smulyan said. "Woody's baseball staff is one of the best in the game. I'm thrilled to have Woody in charge of the Mariners' staff for the next three seasons."

Woodward, 48, joined the Mariners in July 1988 after serving in similar positions with the Philadelphia Phillies from 1987-88, and the New York Yankees from 1984-87. Woodward began his front office career with the Cincinnati Reds in 1978.

"I see this not only as a sign of confidence in myself, but for the entire Mariners' baseball staff," Woodward said.

In the last three years, Woodward and his staff acquired half of the players on the Mariners 40-man roster through trades, waiver claims, free agency and drafts.

Players picked by Woodward include Brian Holman, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Sr., Tracy Jones, Pete O'Brien, Russ Swan and Rob Murphy.