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Parents, businesses contribute to elementary school

Editor: The Homosassa Elementary School PTO and SAC would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the parents and area businesses who were so generous with their time, abilities and resources for the various projects and activities the school has taken part in this year. Several parent and staff volunteers began the school year by coming in and helping to paint the school cafeteria before the first day of classes.

Since school opened, other volunteers have donated their time for such projects as the school's part in the Arts and Seafood Festival, the Book Fairs, Santa's Secret Shoppe, the yearbook sale and the landscaping workday.

Many businesses and service organizations have been generous with donations or discounts on items for our various projects and special activities.

Our Citrus County school administration has been generous in sending workersand supplies to enhance our school facilities.

And we want to thank the area news media for the wonderful attention they have shown the school in their news reporting.

Thank you, one and all, for your support you have shown for our students, staff and school. The improvements that your caring and sharing have made possible are greatly appreciated.

Warren Bunts,

PTO president

Carol Santti,

SAC president

County needs resource guide

Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to try to get people aware of the importance of putting together a Citrus County Resource Guide.

This guide would be a comprehensive listing of all available services in this community so that when someone needs to find a specific service they will know where they can go to find out information about that service and the agencies providing that service.

As the executive secretary of the United Way of Citrus County, I feel that it is important that the United Way become involved in putting this publication together, so I am a member of the committee to do so.

I have therefore supplied information sheets to the United Way agencies and would appreciate it if other agencies or organizations would get in touch with me so that I can mail them an information sheet to fill out and return so that they can be included in this important addition to Citrus County.

Any organization or agency is welcome to submit an information sheet for inclusion in this Citrus County Resource Guide.

If you have any questions about this endeavor, please feel free to contact me at the United Way office at 795-8844.

I look forward to a good response from area organizations and agencies wanting tobe included in this important publication.

Dawn Arline

Executive Secretary

Citrus County United Way

Gays deserve compassion

Editor: It is a disgusting thought . . . making love to one of my sex.

But as an author who seeks empathy through research, I now understand why.

None who are homosexual arose one morning and decided that henceforth they would no longer be heterosexual.

Who is it that would choose to adopt a lifestyle that would bring them persecution, ostracism and emotional pain?

From the beginning of time there have been those who have been homosexual. The figure now is more accurately estimated at 10 percent of the world's population _ about the same percentage as those who are left-handed.

And just as those who are left-handed, the condition existed at birth.

One's sexual orientation is not a matter of choice. As with many characteristics significant to behavior, we are each different because of the unique chemistry of our bodies.

In the years to come, we will obviously learn more about individual deficiencies and how change can be effected through pharmacology.

Until then, we must not allow our prejudices to cause others to suffer because they were not created as we, in our image and likeness.

If a male neighbor in his 30s has never dated and associates only with males, is it your moral responsibility to shout to the world about living in sin? Hope not, for this is the lifestyle attributed to Jesus.

To adamantly oppose homosexuals on religious grounds is perhaps not as the creator would have us act. During His lifetime, Christ had no comments about sexual orientation.

He did, however, say, "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Richard N. Diggs