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The recession's over? Tell that to Doonesbury

Published Oct. 13, 2005

Now the recession has even come to the comics page. Michael Doonesbury has been laid off. The make-believe ad executive has lost his job, readers of the popular Doonesbury strip learned Monday.

"His agency went bankrupt, and they are "laying him off' as a euphemism," the strip's creator, Garry Trudeau, told the New York Times. "This forces him to come to terms with whether he wants to stay in the industry."

In the rest of this week's strips, Doonesbury hits the streets with his portfolio and does some soul searching.

"He is reminded just how compromising the (advertising) industry has been for him," said Trudeau, a reference to previous story lines in which Doonesbury was confronted with industry practices that he thought violated his idealistic principles.

Doonesbury also learns just how hard it is to find another job.

In today's strip, he is shown talking on the telephone with yet another prospective employer.

"And if you call here again, we're notifying the police," the voice tells Doonesbury.

"I understand," he replies. "Well, keep me in mind."

_ Information from the New York Times was used in this report.