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VA dentist tests positive for HIV

Published Oct. 13, 2005

A dentist working at the Oakland Park Veterans Affairs (VA) outpatient clinic has tested positive for the AIDS virus, the VA announced Tuesday. The release said the VA will send letters to notify the dentist's patients that "they may have been potentially exposed to a person with HIV." The clinic is a satellite facility of the Miami VA Medical Center.Trust will buy author's home

MIAMI _ The Land Trust of Dade County will buy environmentalist-author Marjory Stoneman Douglas' home and return it to her as a life estate. Technically, the property will be owned by the state, which is paying half the purchase price of $300,000. It will be managed by the trust, which is matching the state's share. Douglas, 101, wrote the 1947 book Everglades: River of Grass at the house and her daily labors continue there today.

Public fear leads to line redesign

SAN DIEGO _ Electric companies are redesigning power lines because of public fear, not persuasive evidence, that electromagnetic fields may help cause cancer, utility chief executives said Tuesday. "We realize public concerns are rising and we're trying to be responsive," said Girard Anderson, president of Tampa Electric Co. "It's a very sensitive public issue right now." The executives discussed the electromagnetic fields controversy with reporters during the 59th annual meeting of the Edison Electric Institute.

Student pilot dies in Navy crash

PENSACOLA _ A student pilot was killed when a Navy training jet crashed Tuesday about 25 miles northeast of the Pensacola Naval Air Station, where the plane was based, Navy officials said. The identity of the pilot, the only person aboard the T-2C Buckeye, was withheld pending notification of next of kin.

But there was nowhere to run

ORLANDO _ Inadvertent or not, the 4-foot python was a stowaway in an overhead luggage compartment aboard a Delta flight from Orlando to New York City. "When you're flying in a tube that you can't get out of, and someone yells there's a snake, then those who are afraid of snakes might get a little concerned," said Delta spokesman Chuck Foster. The reptile was discovered by a passenger putting away his belongings. After some confusion, the python was coaxed into a large bag and carried into one of the restrooms, where it spent the rest of the flight. Delta officials had no idea how the snake made it aboard Flight 236 Saturday.

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