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Kimmins will pick up Tarpon trash

Commissioners have chosen a new company to collect the city's garbage beginning in early fall. Kimmins Recycling Corp., a company that collects household garbage in Belleair Beach, was chosen Tuesday night.

The company will collect one can of garbage twice a week, according to the agreement. In addition, the company will pick up a container of material that can be recycled.

Under the agreement with Kimmins, the average cost would be $15.62 a month for each household. Under the current contract with Waste Management, the rate is $11.83. The five-year contract with Waste Management contractexpires at the end of September. The difference is due to the increases in costs of doing business, Administrative Services Director Bob Bublitz has said.

Under the plan, residents would separate material to be recycled from the rest of their trash. Materials to be recycled include green, brown and clear glass, aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, plastic and cardboard. They would all be placed in the same recycling container.

The proposal is in line with the state's requirement that cities reduce their solid waste collection by 30 percent by 1994, according to city records.