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Lousy tux luck tests patience

I served as an usher in a wedding last November. When I got to the church and put on my tuxedo (about 30 minutes before the wedding), the groom realized that my tie and cummerbund were green instead of gray. That was not all that was wrong.

The groom's father's tux jacket was missing. The bridal shop forgot to put it in the garment bag after being told it was wrinkled.

Another groomsman's shoes were missing.

Since I was the only one with green on, the guests thought I was the groom. This was doubly confusing because the groom's name is also Mark.

Anyway, I called and complained to Angela's Bridal Gallery in Clearwater and was told by David McComas that he was sorry and we would get a letter of apology and total refund. That was four months, at least 20 phone calls and one round trip to Angela's later. After being told by McComas that I could pick up the $85, I drove the 26 miles only to find that McComas was not there.

That is no way to do business. We have been put off and put off by Angela's. Maybe you can save someone else from going through this.

Mark Scott

Response: You say the wedding party's wardrobe left a few things to be desired? Well, consider the explanation.

We sent the shop a copy of your complaint. This is the reply we received on June 3 from president David McComas:

"In response to your letter dated March 25, 1991, concerning Mr. Mark Scott's complaint, his file has been reviewed and we feel that he is justified in expecting a refund in the amount of $85.

"It is not our intention to cause our customers stress nor embarrassment. We always have our tuxedo customers try on their tuxedos before they leave the store, as minor adjustments to fit are almost always required for these individuals. Mr. Scott chose not to try on his tuxedo until, as he has stated, 30 minutes before the wedding was scheduled to begin, at which point it is simply impossible to correct any fit to suit the customer. It simply cannot be done.

"We regret any inconvenience this may have caused Mr. Scott and hope that he will accept our full refund for his tuxedo, and our sincere apology regarding this matter."

Black-eyed Susan

toast of Pimlico

Mint juleps are the official drink of the Kentucky Derby and black-eyed Susans are the official drink for the Preakness. I know what a mint julep is, but just what is a black-eyed Susan?


Response: This recipe courtesy of Pimlico Race Course: squeeze two to three lemons and one orange, add { teaspoon of sugar and one shot of bourbon. Shake and serve over shaved ice.

He's a crack

meter reader

Our yard is closed in by a 6-foot-high wooden fence. Can you find out how our electric meter is read every month.?

I called Florida Power and the girl who answered said she had no idea.

Clara LeBlanc

Response: Rick Janka, a Florida Power spokesman, told us that the meter reader gets the information he needs by peeking through a crack in your fence. He was going to send someone out to your house to show you how he does it.

Credit issued

months later

In January I ordered a ribbon satchel from Joan Cook Inc. The sum of $47.43 was charged to my VISA card. I returned the satchel for credit on Feb. 1 and although I have the return receipt and have written and asked for credit, to date it hasn't come through.

Will you please check on this for me?

Lois Rentzsch

Response: Joan Cook's charge department supervisor says you have been issued a credit of $40.28 (you will not be reimbursed for postage or insurance).

She says she has no record of your two letters but does not explain how she happened to get our letter (sent to the same address), or how you happened to get a note on Feb. 7 acknowledging the returned satchel and asking for a "few days" to make the adjustment you requested.


I received a response from the insurance company you contacted for me. It did not send the policy, but I did receive papers to change the beneficiary and to get a certificate.

Thank you.

Mildred Seymour

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