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Task force agrees on plan for Pier 60 renovations

The Clearwater Beach Blue Ribbon Task Force decided Wednesday what Big Pier 60 should look like after its face lift, and they hope commissioners will agree. The city is waiting to see the task force's recommendations before rebuilding the pier, which will cost about $1.04-million.

The eventual design of the pier could cost the city an additional $100,000.

The task force sponsored an architectural conceptual design contest that would provide them with designs that would convey the feeling of what members have termed "a tropical seascape." They want it to have a small seaside town effect.

The task force gave a $1,000 prize to first-place winners Paul Muns and Bob Gregg from Dunedin, said Steve Fowler, task force member.

Second- and third-place winners received $300 and $200 respectively.

The winning design was that of a wooden-style pier that "was very much in keeping with the spirit of the competition and captured the essence of what the task force wanted," Fowler said.

"We will recommend that they take the flavor, the amenities and style," he said. "We would like for the commission to have their consultants do something like this."

Engineers have told commissioners that a wooden deck with wooden handrails would cost about $500,000 as opposed to a $400,000 concrete deck.

However, Public Works Director and City Engineer Bill Baker has told commissioners that a wooden deck easily could be repaired and replaced by city employees, which would save money for the city in the long run.

Wooden decking would last about 15 years before boards needed to be replaced and concrete decking would last about 30 years, but an outside company would have to repair the concrete, Baker said.