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Published Oct. 13, 2005

Movie earnings compiled for most recent week and for complete run of films nationwide.1 Backdraft, Universal

Last week: $9.1-million, 1,859 screens, $28.2-million, two weeks.

2 Soapdish, Paramount

Last week: $6.7-million, 1,275 screens, $6.7-million, one week.

3 What About Bob?, Disney

Last week: $6.4-million, 1,662 screens, $32.1-million, three weeks.

4 Thelma and Louise, MGM-Pathe

Last week: $4.2-million, 1,180 screens, $11.9-million, two weeks.

5 Only the Lonely, Orion

Last week: $3.6-million, 1,553 screens, $10.8-million, two weeks

6 Hudson Hawk, Tri-Star

Last week: $3.1-million, 2,072 screens, $11.6-million, two weeks.

7 Drop Dead Fred, New Line

Last week: $2.4-million, 933 screens, $7.1-million, two weeks.

8 F-X 2, Orion

Last week: $1.5-million, 1,447 screens, $17.1-million, four weeks.

9 Home Alone, 20th Century Fox

Last week: $1.42-million, 873 screens, $273.4-million, 29 weeks.

10 Stone Cold, Columbia

Last week: $1.41-million, 1,184 screens, $7.6-million, three weeks