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Edible but not so appetizing

Sauteed crickets, chocolate-covered grasshoppers and mealworm quiche have some parents hesitant about a summer class offering for their grade-school children. "I think the mealworm quiche might be the problem," said Wendy Patrick, coordinator of a summer youth enrichment program at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo. "Mothers just can't seem to bear the thought of it."

The class for third- and fourth-graders is titled "Incredible Edibles" and would focus on the nutritional value of insects, said instructor Penny Mentock-Barkan.

Only the last day of class would involve the voluntary downing of bugs, including sauteed crickets, chocolate-covered grasshoppers and mealworm quiche, but students aren't exactly lining up for the creepy-crawly course.

Only one student signed up by Tuesday. Ten are needed for the two-week course, Patrick said.

Some parents called the college to say they were trying to discourage their children from taking the class. One woman said she was worried she might someday find her son peeling bugs from trees and devouring them.