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FDLE completes investigation of record tampering allegation

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has finished its investigation into an allegation of record tampering at the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, and the findings have been forwarded to the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney's Office. A spokesman for the FDLE, John Joyce, confirmed that the state attorney's office was sent the report Monday or Tuesday. He would not describe what was in the report.

"We really can't comment on it. The ball's in his court now," Joyce said Wednesday. "We won't be able to respond until some kind of announcement comes from his office."

State Attorney James T. Russell did not return a telephone message Wednesday. The state attorney's office has acknowledged it has a pending criminal investigation related to polygraph operation at the Sheriff's Office.

Pasco Sheriff Jim Gillum asked the FDLE on May 3 to investigate an allegation of record tampering in his personnel department that had been made by his former departmental attorney. At least 11 employees have resigned or been fired since the Sheriff's Office began its own review last year of hiring procedures.

Three of Gillum's top officials continue to be out of the office on administrative leave, Gillum said Wednesday.

"We'll wait until the state attorney's office has come up with their report" before finishing the Sheriff's Office's own internal investigation, Gillum said.