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Poor communication to blame for problem

In April we bought two complete 8-foot wall units from Scan Design in Palm Harbor. We paid $399 each. We had explained to the salesman, prior to purchase, the possible need for an extra matching section (each 8-foot unit consists of three sections). He made a phone call and told us that would not be a problem. The price for each section would be $140.

A few weeks later we did order an additional section. When it arrived at our home it was only 12 inches deep. Our original units were 16 inches deep and we needed a 16-inch unit to tie in with the other two units.

When we called the salesman he apologized and said he would try to locate a 16-inch section. Then he called back to explain that a mistake had been made. The price we paid was for a 12-inch deep section, and the only thing he could do was to refund our money and pick it up.

That is not an acceptable solution.

Scan Design said they did not have a 16-inch deep section available. We said we would take a rain check until they got a new shipment. They said they could not do that because the price we were given was wrong. Yet the bills clearly show the same order number for the same style unit.

We feel they are trying to renege on the deal. They quoted the price and sold us the unit. All we want is what we paid for in full.

Can you help us?

Charles and Rhonda Roqueta

Response: Here is the answer we got from Scan Design Manager Cindi Wall.

She said you were aware when you bought your two units that they were advertised as factory close-outs and were being sold in sets of three only. When you came to pick them up you asked once again if you could purchase a separate section. The salesperson called the warehouse to see if they might have one that was damaged so he could break up a set and sell you one section separately. There was one available in the 12-inch depth. Not realizing that it was not the depth you wanted, the salesman quoted you a price on the 12-inch unit.

Since what you want is simply not available, there is nothing Scan Design could do but apologize and offer you a full refund.

Coffee mug can be tested in lab

Is there any danger of lead leaching from a stone china coffee mug made by Cochran and Company in Glasgow, Scotland? It is pure white with black stamped on the bottom.

I've had it for many years and am not getting sick or anything, but if there is any danger I am just going to stop using it.

Harvey Royce

Response: Al Cobb, assistant director of environmental health with the Pinellas County Health Department, says to bring your coffee mug to his office at 3151 Third Ave. N, Room 200. He will have it sent to a laboratory in Jacksonville where it will be tested for lead. The service is free.

Cobb asks that you call ahead with your request. His number is 893-2213.

Magazine apologizes for delay

On Feb. 4 I ordered a one-year subscription to Sheet Music magazine and sent a check for $15.97.

I have not received a single copy despite the fact that they cashed my check on Feb. 21. My two letters to them have gone unanswered.

I know it takes about six weeks to start a subscription but this has been 3-{ months. Can you help?

Joan Lougher

Response: Sheet Music's customer service people say they checked with their subscription department. Your name and address are on file and they can't understand why your subscription did not start in March.

You have their apologies for the delay. Let us know if you still haven't gotten a magazine.


As a result of your Action column suggesting that your readers send leftover S & H Green Stamps to Operation Attack for the purchase of baby diapers for needy families, we have received some 15 packages of these stamps.

It is our practice to write personal thank-you letters. Unfortunately, many of these people did not include a return address. Would you thank them for us?

Thank you and have a happy summer. Phyllis Bloomfield,

chairwoman, Operation Attack,

P.O. Box 1797, St. Petersburg 33731

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