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Published Oct. 13, 2005

WILLIE SANCHIOUS, believed to be the oldest resident of Palm Beach County, died Tuesday in West Palm Beach at age 114. In his younger years, the Thomas County, Ga., native, who arrived in West Palm Beach in 1910, worked for the railroad as a bicycle-powered buggy driver and as a carpenter's helper. He attributed his long life to a strong belief in God. JOANN MARIE RUIZ, 42, a nurse who was one of the nation's first health-care workers to be infected with AIDS while on the job, died Monday in Sacramento, Calif., of the disease. She was infected in July 1987 when a syringe slipped and the needle jabbed her right thigh as she was drawing blood from an AIDS patient. She learned she had AIDS a few months later, on her 39th birthday. She later went public with her story, describing how the disease brought her discrimination and rejection, even by her family.

CURTIS BREWER, 65, a lawyer who founded Untapped Resources, a legal-services agency for the disabled, died Wednesday in New York City of complications from stomach surgery. He founded Untapped Resources in 1964 after learning many disabled people were unaware of their rights or prevented by red tape from receiving services they were entitled to. He also was an early advocate of public access for the disabled.