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Plato pleads guilty: Former television actress Dana Plato has pleaded guilty to holding up a video store and stealing $160. Plato, 26, entered the plea Thursday before District Judge Stephen Huffaker in Las Vegas. The charge was reduced from armed robbery under a plea bargain agreement. Plato walked quickly from the Clark County Courthouse after entering her plea and offered no comment to reporters. Her attorney, Stewart Bell, said he would seek probation for the actress, who appeared as a teen-ager on the television series Diff'rent Strokes. He said she has no previous criminal record and was reaching out for help by committing the robbery.

Redford to miss degree: Robert Redford was to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Utah on June 14. But he has told Chase N. Peterson, the university president, that he will be on location and unable to attend.

"He sent a letter explaining that, when he was invited, he didn't realize there was this conflict," said Roberta Miller, Redford's spokeswoman. He is in Livingston, Mont., to direct the film A River Runs Through It. It is based on a critically acclaimed book by Norman MacLean about fly fishing. Filming is to begin Wednesday.

The honorary doctorate will not be in the mail. "The rules are that, if a recipient cannot be here in person, he cannot get the degree," said Jo Anne McNulty, a university public relations assistant.

Nureyev kicks his contract: Ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev has sent his contract back to a theater company in Italy in a row prompted by his kicking a Brazilian dancer in the backside.

"Nureyev behaved badly first towards the ballet company and towards the public, and now towards us too," Lorenzo Ferrero, artistic director of the Verona Lyric Theater, said Friday.

Nureyev had asked dancers to express solidarity with him after he kicked second lead Celso de Almeyda last month at a dress rehearsal for a world premiere of Death in Venice.

They refused. Nureyev abandoned the theater during the interval of the first show, was persuaded to come back but made an obscene gesture to the audience at the curtain-call.

Ferrero said Nureyev sent the contract back Monday with a request for higher pay.

A man and his money: An old man and $277,700 in cash he left behind in a red ditty bag in a Third Street restaurant were reunited Wednesday after San Francisco police persuaded him to put the money in a bank. Police said the bag of cash was discovered by a busboy under a chair in a restaurant in the 100 block of Third Street about 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The surprised busboy quickly notified his boss of the find, and the restaurant called police. But before officers arrived, a slight, 82-year-old man walked in and asked for the small bag packed with greenbacks.

He had put it under a chair while he was eating, he said, and then left without it.

The restaurant operators explained that they had just phoned police and asked him to wait until they responded. When police arrived shortly afterward, amazed officers looked over the contents of the bag and quickly drove the man to Southern Station at the Hall of Justice.

There eventually persuaded him to put the cash in a bank.