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Jackson calls Royals owner a liar

Bo Jackson showed up at Royals Stadium on Friday for the first time in the visitor's clubhouse and continued his war of words with Kansas City owner Ewing Kauffman. Jackson, released March 18 by the Royals, has claimed Kauffman had a vendetta against him and released him because he didn't want to pay Jackson the $2.7-million he was due to make this year.

The Royals said in spring training they were releasing Jackson because the hip injury he suffered playing football for the Los Angeles Raiders would make it impossible for him to play baseball this year, if ever again.

Jackson was later signed by the Chicago White Sox and is rehabilitating under the direction of White Sox trainer Herm Schneider.

Kauffman has said he urged Jackson not to play football and concentrate on his baseball career but said he would have done the same thing if he had Jackson's abilities.

"The guy lied like he always does," Jackson said in a pregame news conference Friday. "Everybody lies. I lie. Just like he lied about (former Royals manager John Wathan) being here for the whole season. I don't see him here. Do you? I rest my case."

Wathan was fired last month by the Royals with the team in last place.

At a news conference in Chicago when he was signed by the White Sox, Jackson said he "smelled a rat" long before he was released.

He later said on Maria Shriver's First Person show that Kauffman had a vendetta.

Kauffman said afterward Jackson's claims were "categorically and absolutely not true."

Jackson has been traveling part-time with the White Sox and working out.

He said he did not feel uncomfortable walking into the visiting clubhouse.

"Whatever is going to happen will happen," Jackson said. "The only reason I'm here is to get with the trainer and finish my treatment."

Jackson said his doctors have told him his rehabilitation is proceeding well, but the slowness of the work frustrated him. Jackson is still walking with crutches months after the January injury.