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Pill found in child's cereal

Publix Super Markets removed all 10-ounce boxes of Cheerios from the shelves of its Mariner Square store on State Road 50 after a customer discovered a pill in one them. The pill was discovered early Thursday after the daughter of Trudy Kemper of Spring Hill bit down on something hard in her cereal bowl. When the child took the object out of her mouth, it turned out to be a pill, according to a report by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

The box of Cheerios was purchased Wednesday.

"At this point it looks like an isolated incident," said Publix spokeswoman Jennifer Bush in Lakeland, who said there were no immediate plans to pull Cheerios boxes from other Publix stores.

"If they (the Sheriff's Office) need us to pull more product, we'll do that," she said.

The pill and the box will be sent to the Food and Drug Administration laboratory in Cincinnati for analysis on Monday, said sheriff's Lt. Randy Cramer.

Cramer said detectives also planned to interview store employees and re-interview Ms. Kemper.

"It's nothing to get up in arms about," he said, adding that there was no visible evidence that the box had been tampered with.

"That will be determined later on," he said.