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2 women killed in apparent domestic dispute

A man who allegedly shot his girlfriend and her mother to death, then shot himself in the stomach as a state trooper closed in, was recovering from his wounds Saturday, police said. Ora Lee Albright, 75, of Jacksonville was found dead in the kitchen of her daughter's home early Friday afternoon. The daughter, 46-year-old Brenda Gail Neary of Starke, was found dead in the front yard.

Deputies said Neary may have been trying to flee the man who had just murdered her mother, and that the man is Neary's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Roy Pringle Jr. of Starke.

Pringle, 52, shot himself in the abdomen with a .12 gauge shotgun shortly after the murders when FHP Sgt. David Goodner pulled over his car near Lawtey.

Bradford County sheriff's Investigator David Aderholt said he thinks the shotgun also was used to kill the women.

Pringle was recovering after surgery at University Hospital in Jacksonville. Aderholt said Pringle is in good condition and that he talked freely to investigators about the killings.

Pringle will be transferred to the Bradford County jail as soon as possible to face murder charges, Aderholt said.

Family members said Pringle had lived with Neary in her home north of Starke for about the last year.

Deputies often were called to the home for domestic disputes and Pringle was arrested for assault and battery in March after beating Neary.

Neary obtained a restraining order to keep Pringle from her home after the assault, but the case and the order were dismissed when Neary didn't show up the following month to testify against Pringle, court records show.

Neary, who had been widowed three years ago, was the mother of four. Albright had eight children and 26 grandchildren, the family said.