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Hammer sues tabloid: Rapper M.C. Hammer has filed a $30-million libel lawsuit against the Globe, a weekly tabloid, claiming the newspaper knowingly published false information about his knowledge of an alleged rape. In its May 28 issue, the Globe reported a woman told Los Angeles police that Hammer was in a Los Angeles hotel room while she was being raped in March 1990. The headline read: "Rap King M.C. Hammer watched his brothers and eight goons rape me!"

A 23-year-old woman, an employee of Hammer's production company, filed suit in May 1990 claiming she was raped by at least 10 men. The suit is pending against Hammer, his brothers Kenneth and Christopher Burrell, other individuals and the production company.

The woman's suit said neither Hammer nor his brother Louis took part in the alleged rape. In July, Hammer filed a countersuit, denying that the woman was raped.

Davis didn't vote for dad: The daughter of former president Ronald Reagan said she was afraid to vote against her father in 1984 but was "horrified" when he was re-elected.

"I didn't have the balls to vote against my father," actress Patti Davis says in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine.

"But I couldn't vote for him . . . I was horrified when my father got re-elected. . . . From the homeless to environmental neglect to the rise in racism _ if you have an elitist atmosphere, you have a racist atmosphere _ I couldn't believe what was going on."

Davis, 38, who was portrayed as the Reagan family embarrassment in former first lady Nancy Reagan's memoir My Turn, said her own upcoming book will tell the real story, particularly about life with her mother.

"I feel sorry for her. She's not a happy woman," Davis says of her mother, in the magazine's July issue, to be on the stands Tuesday.