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Volcano in Japan erupts again

Mount Unzen, a volcano that claimed at least 37 lives less than a week ago, burst to life again Saturday, spewing super-hot debris that set homes on fire and cut power to a nearby city of 45,000. No injuries were reported in Saturday evening's eruption, which was much more intense than last week's.

The eruption left several homes burning and cut off electricity to the city of Shimabara, said a prefectural police official in Nagasaki, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Shimabara lies on the Pacific coast at the foot of the mountain and is 600 miles southwest of Tokyo.

The national Meteorological Agency reported that the eruption occurred at 7:51 p.m. (6:51 a.m. EDT), and was followed by a smaller burst about two hours later. Volcano experts said they did not expect another major eruption overnight, but stressed that the volcano was still very active.

Firefighters and soldiers stationed in the city after Monday's blast were unable to search for possible victims or accurately estimate the damage because of darkness.