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Waldheim to visit Iran on hostages' behalf

President Kurt Waldheim will seek the release of Western hostages held in Lebanon during his trip to Iran, the first by a Western head of state since the 1979 revolution, a newspaper reported Saturday. Waldheim is to leave for his four-day visit to Tehran today. Officials said he was scheduled to confer with President Hashemi Rafsanjani and Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati. The independent daily Der Standard quoted Foreign Minister Alois Mock as saying that Waldheim would use his prestige for the benefit of the hostages. As U.N. secretary-general, Waldheim went to Tehran in January 1980 in an unsuccessful effort to win the release of 52 hostages held inside the U.S. Embassy there. Thirteen Westerners, including six Americans, are believed to be held hostage by pro-Iranian guerrillas in Lebanon.De Klerk makes historic visit to Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya _ President Frederik de Klerk on Saturday became the first South African head of state to visit Kenya in its 28 years of independence, conducting talks with President Daniel arap Moi in a bid to build trade links and strengthen Pretoria's claim to political legitimacy on the continent. "We have been overwhelmed with friendliness," de Klerk said at a news conference after talks with Kenyan leaders that lasted several hours. "I have no doubt that henceforth relations between South Africa and Kenya will grow stronger."

Workers could be at fault in train crash

GHOTKI, Pakistan _ Railway officials said they suspected worker negligence was to blame for a train crash that killed at least 100 people and injured more than 200 early Saturday. Pakistan's premiere express train was carrying 800 people and traveling 40 mph when it smashed head-on into a freight train parked at a small rural station in Ghotki. A dozen of the 18 metal express train cars derailed. Rescue workers feared many passengers were still trapped inside the smashed cars Saturday night, said an army spokesman, Maj. Saulat Reza. Investigators, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not rule out sabotage, but said they suspected negligence by station workers. According to witnesses, the driver told authorities he had the green light to pass through the station, then spotted the freight train as he rounded a blind curve.

Hess was lured to Britain, historian says

LONDON _ Documents released by the KGB support the theory that Nazi leader Rudolf Hess was lured by British intelligence into making his bizarre peace flight to Scotland in 1941, according to a recently published book. Hess, one of Hitler's top deputies, made the 900-mile solo flight on May 11, 1941, a few weeks before the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. He said he came to make a peace offer through the Duke of Hamilton. The duke said he didn't know Hess, who was publicly dismissed by the British as a madman and held as a prisoner of war. Historian John Costello said in his book, Ten Days That Saved the West, that Hess was lured to Scotland by intelligence agents who gave him false promises Britain would agree to make peace with Germany. Papers released by the KGB say British intelligence had written to Hess in the name of the duke without the duke's knowledge. Hess committed suicide in prison in 1987.

Elsewhere . . .

SEOUL, South Korea _ More than 30,000 riot police broke up violent street protests Saturday by students and workers demanding the ouster of President Roh Tae Woo.

NICOSIA, Cyprus _ Saudi swordsmen publicly beheaded seven people on a single day in the first announced executions in Saudi Arabia in nearly a year.

DUBLIN, Ireland _ Prime Minister Charles Haughey has declared all the seas around Ireland to be a whale and dolphin sanctuary. The declaration covers the country's 200-mile exclusive fishery limits.