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Beekeeper stung by hundreds of bees

About 1,000 honeybees attacked their new keeper and held off paramedics for nearly 30 minutes as they tried to rescue him. The 61-year-old beekeeper was hospitalized in satisfactory condition Sunday. Firefighters donned reflective aluminum suits to pull the beekeeper, John Reeves of Johnson City, to safety. "His face was white with stingers. He was covered from head to toe. I've never seen that many bee stings on anybody," assistant Fire Chief Gordon Lane said. "They were still flying around the ambulance and trying to get on us while we were loading him up." Emergency room nurse Brenda Egan said three people worked for more than three hours pulling out stingers and still didn't get them all. Reeves reportedly had been working with a new beehive and apparently wasn't wearing adequate protective clothing, Egan said.Smith rape trial could be moved

PALM BEACH _ Extensive pretrial publicity about the reported rape at the Kennedy estate has raised the possibility that the trial may be moved. The trial judge, Mary Lupo, has summoned attorneys for both sides and said she fears the publicity could "make empaneling a jury extremely difficult. . . . I think we're almost at the point of a clear and present danger." For now, Lupo is trying to control the publicity with a gag order forbidding out-of-court comments by virtually all participants in the trial of William Kennedy Smith, 30. She told attorneys to present her with details for a modified gag order by noon today.

Dole wants tax on luxuries repealed

WASHINGTON _ Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole said Sunday he wants to repeal a tax on luxury items he says has had a greater impact on middle-income Americans than expected. The levy, Dole said on CBS' Face the Nation, was intended "to soak the rich." "It turned out the rich happened to be the middle class that the Democrats say they're trying to help," Dole said. "A lot of middle-class people are losing their jobs now and the tax is not bringing in as much money." The so-called luxury tax is a 10 percent charge on a portion of the price of such items as high-priced cars, boats, jewelry, furs and private airplanes that was included in last year's budget compromise.