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No fortune to fame: Kevin Costner has gobs of money and heaps of acclaim following the spectacular success of his film Dances with Wolves. But how does he like being a big star? "Are you kidding?" Costner replied. "I would trade it all for anonymity again."

The actor said in Sunday's New York Times Magazine he couldn't think of any benefits to mega-stardom.

Costner said the success of Dances with Wolves "did catch me by surprise, the leap, the kind of quantum leap that occurred with the public. Things have changed and changed in ways that were difficult to anticipate."

He added, "There's not anything that comes out of it that I really need."

Costner won the best director Oscar for Dances With Wolves, in which he also starred. The film won seven Academy Awards, including best picture.

Wonder says no to politics: Motown star Stevie Wonder has decided that music and politics don't mix. He's no longer interested in running for mayor.

"Being mayor is not going to happen," Wonder said last week. "I look forward to doing some positive things that help everybody. As to me and politics, I don't know if it's really going to work in a way I would want to do it."

In 1988, Wonder said he wanted to run someday for mayor of the nation's seventh-largest city. He has a house in Detroit and visits several times a year.

But the singer said he prefers to make civic contributions without a political connection.

The Boss has a bride: Bruce Springsteen, 41, married singer Patti Scialfa, 37, in a ceremony at their home over the weekend, the rocker's spokeswoman said Sunday. The couple wed with family and friends on hand, Marilyn Laverty said.

No other details of the wedding were released.

The couple have a son, Evan James, who will be 1 on July 25.