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Protesters object to idea of gulf war celebrations

Not everybody loves a parade _ especially one that they believe glorifies war and the deaths of 150,000 men, women and children. Monday's New York blowout for the veterans of Desert Storm has inspired anger and disgust in many New Yorkers.

"Our basic view is the new world order has a Third Reich odor," said Connie Julian of Refuse and Resist, one of several groups planning demonstrations during the event. "The parade is basically bringing that home from the gulf to the U.S."

While organizers call the parade Operation Welcome Home and Mayor David Dinkins promises "the mother of all parades," its detractors call Monday's march "the parade of shame."

Parade organizers maintain the fete is "a celebration of peace achieved through international cooperation." But peace groups feel it applauds "a very dangerous thing," according to former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

"We are now engaging in a protracted celebration of militarism, to the point of glorifying a slaughter," said Clark. "There really was no war in the gulf. . . . There was a people rendered defenseless by the American war machine."

Clark, along with representatives from the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Coalition Against U.S. Intervention in the Middle East, had called for the parade's cancellation.

While some groups plan to make themselves heard, New Yorkers for Peace With Justice will give marchers the silent treatment.

Members of the group plan to walk mutely along the parade route carrying signs which state, "I'm glad the troops are coming home. I mourn the deaths of 150,000 people."