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A word about reserved seats

Now that it appears St. Petersburg has taken a back seat to Miami and Denver in baseball's expansion hunt, what can area fans do about their seats? You know, the more than 22,000 places they reserved at the Florida Suncoast Dome for a $50 deposit?

Anita Treiser, director of the Join the Team program staged by the city, says fans who reserved season tickets can obtain a refund, or maintain their deposit in hopes that St. Petersburg entices a team to relocate.

But "once people take their money out," Treiser cautions, "they lose priority seating places."

Treiser said those who leave their money in will still be "first in line to select seats" if the Dome becomes the future home of a major league team.

Fans can request refunds by writing to Join the Team, P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, Fla., 33731. Treiser said it will take any least three weeks to process the requests.