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Published Oct. 13, 2005

HOWARD "HOBBY" HOBSON, 87, who coached Oregon to a 46-33 victory over Ohio State in the first NCAA basketball final in 1939, died Sunday in Portland, Ore. Mr. Hobson, a charter member of the National Basketball Hall of Fame, helped bring about such innovations as the shot clock and the 3-point field goal. He conducted a 13-year study that came out in 1944 that included proposals for the 3-point field goal, a shot clock and wider free throw lanes, all of which eventually became part of the game. During the 1940s he staged an experimental game between Columbia and Fordham that used the three innovations. HEIDI BRUEHL, 49, an actress and entertainer who shared the Las Vegas spotlight with Sammy Davis Jr. and others, died Saturday at Starnberg, Germany, a resort near Munich, after emergency surgery. She was hospitalized with stomach pain.