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Published Oct. 13, 2005

"I know one thing, I'm never going to a game in Miami. . . . This means St. Pete is going to lose money."Juan Garanton,

St. Petersburg

"What they should have done was secure the team and then built up the dome. They did it completely backwards."

Adam Wilhelmi,

Safety Harbor

"The population of the Tampa Bay area will support a major league baseball team more than Miami."

Ken Keebler,


"I thought we were a shoo-in. A year ago I would have bet $200 or $300 that we'd get it."

Buzz Pasolli,

St. Petersburg

"I always thought it was too much of a gamble. It was a two-team race and we came in third."

Bob Giannetta,

St. Petersburg

"This is an excellent sports town. I think Tampa deserves to be recognized for that."

Mark Forbes,

Fort Walton Beach

"I'm disappointed. We need it here. I think Denver has too much. We definitely deserve it more than Denver."

Annette Measles,


"I wanted St. Petersburg to get a baseball team 'cause I like baseball. I think they're still going to get one . . . 'cause the dome is nice."

Anton Gammons,


"If the stadium had been built in Tampa, we would have had" the expansion team.

Tim Odonnell,


"I would have loved to see baseball here. I think baseball is the all-time American sport."

Russell Jones,