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Using art to express your inner self

An interesting experiment in creativity called AIDS ArtReach was conducted around the bay area over the last year, when people with AIDS were matched up with artists of various specialties, and given the opportunity to use art as a means of expressing their lives with the deadly disease. What resulted was a body of art work that revealed the inner feelings/responses of these patients, not only to themselves, but to the artists they worked with, and to the community that viewed the resulting show. One thing the experiment demonstrated was that the use of art as a means of getting in touch with one's innermost feelings need not be limited to professional artists. If you'd like to experiment with this idea, you might attend an introductory class called "Expressions of You Through Art" to be offered by the Center for Women from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at their facility at 305 S Hyde Park Ave., Tampa. Carole Burkhart, a local self-taught artist, will teach this class to help you learn to use your hands and body and some relaxation and creative visualization techniques to bring what's inside you outside, through sketching and painting. No previous art experience is necessary. Registration is required; call 251-8437. Fee: $5."White knuckle' flying

Ah, the joys of flying, right? Well, not so for everyone; if you are one of those people who dread the necessity of traveling by air, this one's for you. Certainly, it is not irrational that a person might be afraid to place his or her body in a machine made of metal and plastic, to be hurtled through the air at phenomenal speeds. But the truth is that there are times when rapid transport is necessary, and experts have advice to offer on how to make that experience a little easier. Here are some programs:

Comprehensive Psychological Services is offering a seminar called "Conquering the Fear of Flying," to be presented by clinical psychologist Cheryl Fellows and aviation technology instructor and commercial pilot, David Fellows. The seminar, which will be from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at 1803 Briar Creek Blvd., Safety Harbor, will offer some education on how airplanes fly, the meaning of various sights and sounds during flight, relaxation techniques and more. Reservations are required; call 791-3518. Fee: $10.

Retired Pan Am airline captain T.W. Cummings has written a book, made cassette tapes and conducted lectures and seminars to teach people how to overcome their fear of flying; he points out that a survey prepared for Boeing indicates that 25-million adults in this country share similar fears. Cummings periodically conducts free introductory meetings (to be followed by complete seminars) in the Tampa Bay area. For information on his next meeting (to be offered within the next several months) call (305) 261-7042; or write for a free brochure to Capt. T.W. Cummings, Director, Freedom from Fear of Flying Inc., 2021 Country Club Prado, Coral Gables, Fla. 33134.

"Neighbors' class series

covers housing/home issues

In these economic times, most people will take all the help they can get to find affordable housing (whether purchase or rental). The Community Service Foundation is a private, non-profit agency which has been operating in Pinellas county for 50 years, offering just such help. They sponsor some types of utility and rent/mortgage assistance for those living north of Ulmerton Road (the area south of Ulmerton is covered by another agency), and have a limited number of rental units available at affordable rates. In addition, the foundation sponsors classes on various topics related to housing and home issues. Their "Neighbors" series is ongoing. Some classes to be offered within the next several months include: today, Your Rights as a Tenant (1 session); June 18, Qualifying for a Mortgage (1 session); July 16, Family Budgeting Class (4 sessions); August (date not set), Low Cost Home Improvements (3 sessions). These particular classes are underwritten by the First National Bank of Clearwater, Citizens Bank of Clearwater, Countryside Bankers, Fortune Savings Bank, Life Savings Bank, Junior League of Clearwater/Dunedin and the Juvenile Welfare Board. Call the foundation for class times and reservations (required) 461-0618. Free.


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