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Waitress keeps 'em coming back

Ana Diac is someone diners can count on in a pinch. The 30-year-old waitress has used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge food from the throats of four choking victims within 30 days at Quincy's Family Steakhouse. Her latest save was Saturday when Jerry Thomas, 46, of Fort Walton Beach began choking on a piece of chicken. "When I see a person choking like that, I just run for it," she said. Diac learned the procedure after it was used on her. A Quincy's manager applied the maneuver when she choked on tenderloin tips. "I told him I'd learn it, and I did," she said.Condoms from state are called faulty

BARTOW _ Planned Parenthood offices in Polk and Sarasota counties have stopped distributing Malaysian-made condoms after receiving complaints that they break during sex, a newspaper reported Monday. The state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) distributed a batch of 1-million condoms to health departments, family planning centers and AIDS groups. But Barbara Cuthbertson, director of Planned Parenthood of Central Florida in Polk, said employees in her three offices have received 20 complaints that the condoms broke during sex, the Tampa Tribune reported. The Sarasota headquarters of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida stopped giving out HRS-supplied condoms two months ago after receiving two complaints, director Barbara Bolton said. Sandra Schoenfisch, program administrator for HRS' AIDS Education and Prevention Section, said the condoms supplied by Fair Care International "aren't breaking at an inordinate rate."

Judges take leave during investigation

MIAMI _ Four Dade County judges under investigation in a corruption case have taken indefinite leaves with pay while federal and state agents continued an investigation Monday. Dade Circuit Judges Roy Gelber, Alfonso Sepe and Philip Davis and County Judge Harvey Shenberg decided not to return to court Monday after acting U.S. Attorney Dexter Lehtinen disclosed the 22-month investigation Saturday. No charges have been filed in the investigation. With the authorization of Chief U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King, more than 100 federal and state agents Saturday raided the homes and offices of the four judges and former Dade Circuit Judge David Goodhart. In a joint statement, Dade State Attorney Janet Reno and Lehtinen said the investigation included wiretaps and placing "fictitious cases" before a "number of state judges," with federal and state agents posing as criminals. The investigation uncovered evidence of bribes for low bonds, suppressed evidence, property returned to defendants and released confidential police information.

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