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USF Public Health College re-accredited

Published Oct. 13, 2005

The College of Public Health, one of three colleges in the University of South Florida's (USF) health sciences division, received a glowing report this week and learned that it has been re-accredited for a seven-year term. The full term is unusual for such a young college, university officials say.

Members of the national review team said they were especially impressed at how far the college has progressed since its last review in 1986. The college, which offers master's and doctoral degrees for health care administrators, public health workers and researchers, was founded in 1984.

The College of Nursing, also up for review, expects to get a similarly positive report soon, health sciences spokesman Michael Hoad said. Some concern had arisen last year over a high degree of turnover on the nursing faculty, but the review team thought those problems were no longer an issue when it visited earlier this year, Hoad said.

That leaves the College of Medicine, which has had its share of troubles.