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49 write to request refunds on tickets from Join the Team

Anita Treiser, director of the Join the Team program, received 49 refund requests Wednesday from people who paid $50 to reserve a baseball season ticket. Wednesday was the first day she received requests. She also said that many people called to say they were keeping their ticket reservations in hopes of St. Petersburg getting an existing baseball team.

The money sent in to reserve 24,000 tickets during the drive was kept in a bank account, and the interest was used for marketing a baseball team in the Tampa Bay area, Treiser said.

No large corporations have requested refunds yet, Treiser said. She estimated that the average refund per letter was two tickets.

A couple of the letters expressed regret with Tampa Bay not getting a team.

"We are just sick at heart over the decision to put baseball in Denver and Miami," wrote Charles and Betty McGlaun of St. Petersburg. "Personally, I hope they have freak snowstorms in Denver and forever rain in Miami."

"Sorry, no complaints, we gave our best shot," said Frank C. Cimaszewski of St. Petersburg. "When big dollars are involved, even the best laid plans are sometimes ignored."

Refunds can be obtained by writing Join the Team, P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. Treiser also emphasized that once people take their money out they will lose priority seating.