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"At least he could come up and say thank you'

When restaurant worker Allan Fong found a red duffel bag left by a customer, he did what any honest man would do. He held the $277,000 in cash until its owner returned. As a gesture of appreciation, Mayor Art Agnos declared Tuesday "Allan Fong Day."

"This is just one of those great, feel-good stories," Agnos said as he dropped by the Yerba Buena International Restaurants to share a cup of coffee with Fong, 57.

Agnos told Fong he could park anywhere he wanted for the day. The city budget was so tight it couldn't afford a monetary reward.

"I'm not a hero _ I'm honest," Fong said.

He said the 84-year-old owner of the money, whose identity was not released by police, hadn't offered any reward.

"At least he could come up and say "Thank you, Allan. Thanks for returning the money,' " Fong said.

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