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Memories of wedding clear 70 years later

Published Oct. 13, 2005

Margaret and Louis Benjamin celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at a party Tuesday at the Sabal Palms Health Care Center in Largo. The Benjamins were married June 11, 1921, in the presence of a priest in Rochester, N.Y. She is Catholic; he is Protestant.

She remembers her wedding day well.

"It was raining when I went to church in the morning, but then it was a lovely summer day," she said.

"We had only known each other about six months when we were married," he said. "I suppose you got our ages, didn't you _ I'm 95, and she was 100 the 14th of last October.

"She and President Eisenhower were born on the same day in the same town, so they used to exchange birthday cards all the time he was in the White House. She has all these cards that he sent her," Benjamin said.

The Benjamins both worked for Eastman-Kodak before they were married. She had been there three years, but resigned after the wedding.

"They wouldn't have any married women in there at all," Benjamin said. "Now it's all married women."

Benjamin was a machinist and, later, an inspector at the camera company. He retired in 1961.

"I've been retired 30 years," he said. "Well, you know, it was quite a job when I left Rochester and left all my friends and everything. But I had a yen to come to Florida, and we came down here and bought a home and we lived there until I broke my hip."

When asked about past anniversaries, Benjamin said, "On our 25th anniversary, we flew to Cleveland to see my brother. It was the first time either of us had flown and it was quite a thrill.

"We had a 50th anniversary," he said. "We went back to Rochester and relatives put on a steak dinner for us out of doors, and we were united again. That was in Rochester.

"They put on a beautiful party here for us. We got some nice presents. I never expected anything like this," he said.

The difference in their religions has not been a problem, Benjamin said.

"Never! We've yet to have our first argument over religion. She always went her way, and I went mine.

"We've never had an argument over religion _ or money. We lived with one pocketbook," he said.

Brunch honors couple

Harry and Eunice Green of Palm Harbor celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a Sunday brunch given by their daughter. They also plan a trip to Europe in the early fall.

The Greens were married June 8, 1941, in Detroit. They came to Florida in 1982.

They have three children and five grandchildren.

Couple holds reception

Miles and Helen Burdette of Clearwater, married June 12, 1941, at the Cathedral in Nashville, Tenn., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception June 9.

The Burdettes came to this area in 1981 from Louisville, Ky.

Before retiring, he was a salesman for the International Harvester Co. She was a secretary for the Jefferson County Board of Education in Louisville.

They have two children and four grandchildren.

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