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School lunch to cost more

Eating lunch in the school cafeteria will cost Pinellas high school students, middle school students and adults a little more next year. The School Board approved a 5-cent increase Wednesday. The cost of a meal will increase to $1.50. Prices had not been raised since 1988.Pay increases


The Pinellas County School Board approved small salary increases Wednesday for teachers, administrative employees and about 200 others in technical and supervisory positions. The teachers got an average increase of 1.95 percent. All others approved Wednesday averaged 1.8 percent.

Publication policy

is established

Non-school material such as religious or political publications that students want to disseminate at school must be submitted to a principal for approval at least 72 hours before distribution under a policy adopted Wednesday by the Pinellas School Board. Principals also may limit distribution to certain times and places on campus. Principals may deny students permission to distribute material because of a conflict with school events, profanity, vulgarity or because it denigrates a group of people. Superintendent Howard Hinesley said principals requested the rules after a dispute between a principal and Tarpon Springs High School students last fall over the distribution of a Christian newspaper.