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Staff stayed at Bojan's, president of restaurant says

Editor: I wish to comment on your article written in the St. Petersburg Times on April 25, 1991. Kalb's Cove did not become Ciega Bay Cafe legally or in any other way. This information is incorrect, and I am surprised that the St. Petersburg Times would print this information. Kalb's Cove is no longer! I am sure people miss the fishing tournaments, the million-dollar fleet and the fine continental dining room with the tableside service. It went with Edmond Kalb, who was the heart of Kalb's Cove.

Further, ex-Kalb Cove employees stayed at Bojan's, at their request, were paid by Bojan's and were able to hold their jobs, courtesy of Bojan's, during difficult employment times. Bruce Caplan, ex-manager of Bojan's, was let go from Bojan's at the end of May 1990. He is now a partner in Ciega Bay Cafe. The other employees continued at Bojan's. Ultimately, a few employees left, looking for "greener pastures." Most employees stayed at Bojan's, and several original people are still with us. Your continual inference that Bojan's has lost something is totally incorrect.

"The old Kalb's Cove building became Bojan's, but the old Kalb's staff became something else" is destructive and misleading to the public.

Our customers, friends and employees feel you misrepresented Bojan's and put Bojan's down in order to promote Ciega Bay Cafe. We are a new restaurant of the Beaches, with new ideas, good services and, best of all, good food in a super building with a history. Why don't you come and see for yourself?

Janet Walker, President,

Bojan's Steak House,

Madeira Beach