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Winners named in journalist contest

Sixth-grade Pasco County pupils think that they can make a difference in their world. Brendon Saguil, Heather Cook and Rita Economos were winners in the Junior Journalist-Young Expressionist Contest with the theme "You Can Make A Difference It's Your World Too!"

Each month during the school year, a committee of school personnel selects first-place winners in the categories of art, essay and poetry. The pupil receives a book, certificate of merit and a club membership card. The winning entries are published along with photographs and biographical sketches of the winners. The contest is sponsored by the Pasco Times in cooperation with the District School Board of Pasco county and seeks to stimulate an interest in essay writing, art and reading newspapers.

Brendon Saguil

Brendon Saguil, 12, a sixth grader at Northwest Elementary School in Hudson is in Barbara Newel's class. He won first place for art. He is the son of Mary and Albert Saguil. Brendon said he is concerned about all environmental issues. He said this was the only time he has won a first place award for his art work but he has won second place. He likes to draw and hopes to be a comic book artist. His hobbies are collecting comic books and cards. His favorite sports are baseball and swimming.

Rita Economos

Rita Economos, 11, won first place for poetry. Rita is a sixth grader at Shady Hills Elementary School in Debbie Cline's class. Her parents are Lynda and Jon Economos of Spring Hill. She said she likes all kinds of poetry and has recently had two poems published in the St. Petersburg Times "Alligator Express." Math is her favorite subject and she likes to read fiction. Her hobbies are reading and making macrame jewelry including bracelets and necklaces for gifts. Rita would like to become a pediatrician.

Heather Cook

Heather Cook, 11, says her teachers helped her to get off to a good start and she hopes to do the same for other children because she would like to be a kindergarten teacher. "I love little children and am always playing with my friends' little sisters and brothers," said Heather a sixth grader at San Antonio Elementary School. That's not all she is doing. While maintaining A and B grades, Heather is in her sixth year of ballet and acrobatics. Next year she will attend Pasco County's new Thomas B. Weightman School. With her dad's encouragement, she might try out for the basketball team. Heather's brother Scott, 20, attends Saint Leo College, which is where Heather also would like to attend. "I want to stay close to home," says Heather.

The topic for May with fourth graders competing was "The World Would Be a Better Place If Everyone Would...."


How do you make a difference? According to my parents and brother, I made a difference the day I was born. My brother says life has never been the same.

I make a difference when I clean up my room.

I can make a difference when I don't argue with my brother. This happens less since he is away at college.

I definitely make a difference when I help my mom with her work. It makes it more fun for her and me.

I hope I make a difference when I help with the kids from special classes who participate in P.E. with my class.

I probably make a difference when I work as a safety patrol and help the little kids.

I feel that I make a difference when I give some of my free time to the church.

Even though I'm only 11 and I may change my mind, I believe the biggest differences I can make is by becoming a kindergarten teacher. I hope I can be as good as the kindergarten teacher I had. I can make a difference if I can get kids started off on the right foot toward learning like I was taught. I think this can make a huge difference to them and me.



Pennies a day

Could feed a starving child,

Or give a sick one medicine,

To hang on for awhile.

You think, "That stuff's not for me,

Someone else will pay,"

But I have some news for you,

It never works that way.

Who is really listening?

Who does really care?

If only a few more people,

Had heart enough to share.

There are some special people

And even though they're few,

You can make a difference,

It is your world too!