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Students wound up about ball

Sixth-graders at a suburban school stretched their math skills while creating a 64-pound ball of rubber bands. They called it "M.C. Bander." Cami Penegor, a math teacher at Pierce Middle School in Wayne County's Redford Township, got the ball rolling last fall as a class project. She asked her 140 students to come up with 1-million rubber bands.

They reached only 7.7423 percent of that goal. But the project nevertheless began taking on a life of its own as the 77,423 rubber bands were knotted together and wrapped around a golf ball.

"Having M.C. around made math easier and a lot more interesting," said Jenny Priskorn, 12. "You could imagine better just how big numbers really get."

The ball will be donated next month to the Gallery of Unusual Pastimes in Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Ontario.