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This may be very Eerie

You won't find Eerie, Ind., on any map, but the town will come to life this fall in a television series. The premise of Eerie, Indiana has 13-year-old Marshall Teller and his family moving from New Jersey to Indiana because of his dad's job. The place seems normal to everyone except Marshall.

"Marshall's dad works for a product testing firm, Things Inc., that's located in Eerie because it's statistically the most normal place in the country," said Karl Schaefer, the show's executive producer and co-writer.

"But Marshall thinks it's the center of weirdness for the entire planet."

In the first episode, a neighbor tries to recruit Marshall's mom to sell a line of Tupperware-like products, Foreverware. Marshall discovers the products are a front for a cult of housewife zombies.

He has to rescue the leader's twin boys who, because they've been sealed in plastic every night, have spent 30 years in seventh grade.

"We're approaching this as a twisted, modern fairy tale," Schaefer said. "We chose Indiana because it has this image of being a benign, harmless place to live," Schaefer's co-writer, Jose Rivera, said. "But in Indiana, like everywhere, a lot of things are bubbling beneath the surface."