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Let there be space

Published Oct. 13, 2005

When every inch counts, use these storage ideas from Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine: Customize the interiors of drawers and cabinets. Plastic-coated wire bins, shelves, stemware racks, cup holders and cutlery trays can organize a jumbled mess. Swing-out shelves and lazy Susans make good use of corner cabinets. Pullout trays make items stored at the back of other cabinets easily visible.

To save counter space, install a special flip-up shelf inside a cabinet for the food processor.

Use hardboard dividers to organize storage in deep drawers or to create vertical storage inside cabinets. This works especially well for storing long baking pans, serving trays and cookie sheets.

Keep small appliances out of sight but convenient with an appliance garage. Build it into a space between the countertop and wall-hung cabinets. Include electrical outlets within the garage and a door to keep things out of sight when not in use.

A sliver of space as narrow as 6 inches can be turned into a pullout pantry for storing spices.

Slots in the back of the counter can provide convenient storage for knives.

Install a wooden track inside the top of a cutlery drawer. Use the track to hold a cutting board or marble slab.

Create a niche in the wall between studs for shelves. With doors, the space can serve as a shallow pantry or to store spices. Left open, the area can store cookware or be used for display.