"Star Trek' ship a hot collectible

Published Oct. 26, 1991|Updated Oct. 14, 2005

It was introduced in July and became a $20 collector's item. With Gene Roddenberry's death, it can only get hotter. Hallmark Cards' "Starship Enterprise" Christmas ornament commemorates Star Trek's 25th anniversary. About 6 inches long, with headlights that blink, the mini-ship has sold at warp speed.

"We don't always know how ornaments are going to sell," said Rachel Bolton, a Hallmark spokeswoman in Kansas City. "But this one is probably our most popular one. And now with the death of the Star Trek author, I'm sure it'll continue to be a favorite."

Local Hallmark shops have long waiting lists.

"We sold out the first batch in a couple of weeks, and we haven't been able to reorder any more," says Diane Wildman of Lynn's Hallmark Cards in Countryside Mall in Clearwater. "I hear Hallmark is out of them, too."