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Published Dec. 5, 1991|Updated Oct. 14, 2005

Frank RegierKidnapped: Feb. 10, 1984

Released: April 15, 1984

More than 13 months before Anderson was abducted, Regier became the first American held captive. The engineering professor at American University in Beirut later described his kidnappers as "frighteningly sadistic."

Jeremy Levin

Kidnapped: March 7, 1984

Escaped: Feb. 14, 1985

Beirut bureau chief for Cable News Network, 58 years old. Says he escaped; Islamic Jihad says he was released. Left CNN to lecture and write; now lives in California.

William Buckley

Kidnapped: March 16, 1984

Killed: Oct. 4, 1985

Reportedly the CIA Beirut station chief, was assigned to U.S. Embassy in 1983. U.S. believes Buckley, 57, was tortured before he was killed.

Benjamin Weir

Kidnapped: May 8, 1984

Released: Sept. 9, 1985

Presbyterian pastor, 67. Now teaching at San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, Calif.

Peter Kilburn

Kidnapped: Dec. 3, 1984

Killed: April 17,1986

Librarian at American University of Beirut, Kilburn, 62, was reportedly killed in retaliation for U.S. air raid on Libya on April 15,1986.

Lawrence Jenco

Kidnapped: Jan. 8, 1985

Released: July 26, 1986

Roman Catholic priest, 57, was director of Catholic Relief Services in Lebanon. Now campus minister at University of Southern California.

Terry Anderson

Kidnapped: March 16, 1985

Released: Dec. 4, 1991

Chief Middle East correspondent for Associated Press. Anderson, 44, was returning from a tennis match when he was kidnapped. His second daughter was born three months later, and his father and brother died during his captivity. Other hostages marveled at Anderson's resourcefulness: He fashioned chess pieces out of tinfoil and a deck of cards from cheese containers.

David Jacobsen

Kidnapped: May 28, 1985

Released: Nov. 2, 1986

Administrator of American University Hospital in Beirut. Now 60, he worked for 18 months as hospital administrator in Colorado. Now lives in California. Lectures and writes. Book, Hostage: My Nightmare in Beirut, published in August.

Thomas Sutherland

Kidnapped: June 9, 1985

Released: Nov. 18, 1991

Acting dean of agriculture at American University who was on leave from Colorado State University and had worked in Beirut two years. His wife, Jean, also taught at American University. Now 60, he plans to meet with university officials about possible return.

Frank Reed

Kidnapped: Sept. 9, 1986

Released: April 30, 1990

Director of the Lebanese International School, Reed had spent nine years in Lebanon and was a convert to Islam. His wife is Syrian. Now, 59, he lives outside Boston and lectures and writes.

Joseph Cicippio

Kidnapped: Sept. 12, 1986

Released: Dec. 2,1991

Acting comptroller at American University. Moved to Beirut in 1984, and in 1985 converted to Islam and married a Lebanese woman, a U.S. Embassy secretary. Cicippio 61, suffers spells from being beaten when he was abducted. He suffered frostbite to his fingers and toes while chained to a balcony during the winters of 1986 and 1990.

Edward Tracy

Kidnapped: Oct. 21, 1986

Released: Aug. 11, 1991

West Beirut resident and self-described writer. He had traveled and lived around the world most of his adult life and was divorced from a West German woman. Now 61, Tracy is undergoing psychiatric treatment at Boston veterans hospital.

Alann Steen

Kidnapped: Jan. 24, 1987

Released: Dec. 3,1991

Communications professor at Beirut University College and former Marine. Escaped in first year of captivity, but was caught and beaten so badly that he's apparently suffered some brain damage. "It's great to be out," said Steen, 52. His wife, Virginia Rose, was a fine arts professor at Beirut University College. While in captivity, his two daughters were married and he twice became a grandfather.

Robert Polhill

Kidnapped: Jan. 24, 1987

Released: April 22, 1990

Accounting professor and lecturer at Beirut University College. Shortly after his release it was discovered he had throat cancer and his voice box was removed. Now 57, he travels the country speaking about the destructiveness of cancer and diabetes, from which he also suffers.

Jesse Turner

Kidnapped: Jan. 24, 1987

Released: Oct. 22, 1991

Visting professor of mathematics and computer science at Beirut University College. Turner, 44, returned to Idaho, where he has been offered a part-time teaching job at Boise State University.

Charles Glass

Kidnapped: June 17, 1987

Released: Aug. 18, 1987

Glass, 40, was on leave from ABC News to research a book when kidnapped. He says he escaped. He returned to ABC and was, ironically, in Damascus on Wednesday to report on the Anderson release for Good Morning America.

William Higgins

Kidnapped: Feb. 17, 1988

Killed: July 31,1989

Marine lieutenant colonel, Higgins, 43, was seized while on U.N. duty in southern Lebanon. His captors said they hanged him in retaliation for Israel kidnapping a Shiite Moslem cleric. His body was never found


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