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Dad fears Tiffany is "Jane Doe'

What scares Patrick Sessions most is the possibility that his daughter could be a "Jane Doe" somewhere _ an unidentified body on a coroner's slab.

Sessions' daughter, Tiffany, a 20-year-old University of Florida junior, disappeared three years ago last Sunday while jogging near her off-campus apartment.

Sessions said Monday that he would like to think his daughter is alive somewhere, but has come to accept that she may have met a grimmer fate.

"I'd have to be naive to think that the chances are more now than they were the one or two weeks after she first disappeared," he told reporters at an informal news conference.

Sessions came to Gainesville to meet with old friends and touch base with local investigators working on the case.

A flier targeting police across the nation is Sessions' latest effort to find his daughter.

The flier directs callers to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office rather than to the hot line, (800) 544-8111, that Sessions established in the first days of the search.

Sessions says his personal search for his daughter will continue until the case is closed.

The major pitfall preventing that closure is the lack of any relevant leads, said sheriff's spokesman Spencer Mann, one of Sessions' close friends.

Although police have compiled volumes of information on the case they "just haven't that one, tangible, hot lead," Mann said.

Sessions said he is sure of one thing: His daughter wasn't the victim of someone seeking a ransom for her safe return.

"It's just been too long," he said. "I think this was a random, senseless crime."