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Fundamentalists kill 8 Algerian police officers

Islamic fundamentalists killed eight police officers Monday _ six of them in an ambush in the Casbah, the ancient quarter of the capital that was a haven for Algerian revolutionaries in decades past. The assaults on police were the most deadly since the military took power a month ago and indicated a hardening of the fundamentalists' response to an escalating government crackdown. On Sunday, the government banned the Islamic Salvation Front, the nation's largest political party, and declared a state of emergency giving authorities broad powers to make arrests, ban demonstrations and dissolve local councils. The actions followed a week of unrest in which more than 40 people were killed and 300 injured.

India, Pakistan tense over Kashmir march

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan _ Pakistani soldiers set off landslides Monday to block mountain roads and stop Moslem militants from marching into Indian-held Kashmir. Both countries feared the march could touch off a military confrontation. India's army said it would shoot any marcher crossing the U.N.-monitored cease-fire line between the Pakistani- and Indian-controlled halves of Kashmir. It said land mines were planted along the frontier over the weekend. The Pakistani army also said it would use force if necessary to stop the march, which was scheduled for today to support Kashmiris fighting to secede from predominantly Hindu India. Kashmir was divided by departing British rulers in the 1947 partition of the subcontinent.

28 die in Club Med plane crash in Senegal

KAFOUNTINE, Senegal _ Rescuers who helped victims from a chartered Club Med plane crash that killed 31 people said Monday the survival rate would have been higher if they had been able to find a working telephone near the crash site. The American pilot and co-pilot and 26 French vacationers were among those who died when the twin-engine plane crashed in a mangrove swamp early Sunday at this West African seaside resort, Senegalese officials said. Twenty-four survived. Club Mediterranee, the Parisian resort company, had chartered the Convair 640 to carry tourists to Cap Skirring, 31 miles south of the crash site. Officials said the pilot mistook lights in a hotel garden for those of his intended landing strip.

Elsewhere . . .

VIENNA _ Syria has agreed to negotiate a safeguards accord with the International Atomic Energy Agency that would allow IAEA inspections of Syrian nuclear facilities, the agency said Monday. Such an agreement would allow Syria to buy enriched uranium and a small research nuclear reactor from China.

UNITED NATIONS _ Leaders of the two rival factions in Somalia's civil war will each send three-man delegations to peace talks opening Wednesday in New York, a U.N. spokesman said Monday.

CARACAS, Venezuela _ Police, acting under orders from interior ministry censors, confiscated all but a handful of the 150,000 copies of the Monday edition of El Nacional, a leading Venezuelan newspaper, in the latest crackdown on media reports on the Feb. 4 failed coup.

BUCHAREST, Romania _ Preliminary results Monday indicated a strong showing for the anti-communist coalition in Romania's first free local elections in more than 50 years. Final results were expected this week.

LONDON _ Britain ordered 600 extra troops to Northern Ireland on Monday _ increasing troop strength in the province above 18,000 _ to try to end a sudden surge in political and sectarian killings.